Founder / Hayley Hurl (she/her)

Born in the Yukon and raised in Victoria, B.C., I’ve always been drawn to work with my hands. My need to create is the most fundamental part of who I am. It’s what drives me to explore different creative mediums and is the force behind my lifelong love affair with woodworking.

Growing up on Vancouver Island, I was surrounded by a variety of eclectic thrift stores and discovered the thrill of taking discarded items (typically vintage) and making them beautiful and useful again. As I learned that our planet was being overloaded with abandoned goods, I became more and more invested in reusing anything and everything I could in an effort to make a positive and tangible impact on our environment.

In 2016, while living on Salt Spring Island, I was inspired to finally start my dream business. One that would showcase my sustainable craftswomanship and love of vintage goods. Originally as a side hustle, Drift Refreshed Living has now evolved into a full-time business that operates in the unceded traditional territories of the Quw̓utsun̓ peoples (commonly known as the Cowichan Valley).

Pulling inspiration from the islands I call home, Drifts designs indulge in the beauty found in the ever-shifting West Coast landscapes. Each piece blends the colours and textures found in nature with the clean lines of a modern aesthetic. 

"It’s these islands that have taught me how to embrace slow living. Waking up and easing into my morning, I take in the stunning views of the Cowichan Valley while pouring a steamy coffee into my favourite mug. Slowly shifting my focus into the creative work for the day, I head to the workshop where sawdust steadily fills the air and I excitedly watch projects take shape." 

When I'm not in the shop, you can find me cuddling my fur-brother, Huxley, exploring the outdoors, or eating vegan goodies while enjoying a movie in my little space on the mountain.

Thank you so much for being here, it sincerely means the world to me.