Drift is a collection of mindfully crafted home goods and refreshed vintage furnishings with a focus on sustainability. We create unique and quality pieces that embody our ethical values and timeless style.

The integrity behind Drift is one of slow, methodical attention. Ensuring that every aspect of a product we create or hand select is considered. We take great care in sourcing locally salvaged and ethical materials for our crafted goods, while maintaining a keen eye on well-made, long-lasting products. 

We believe in creating a home with intention. Carefully choosing objects that feed the soul and shape a meaningfully curated space that supports rest and sparks inspiration. A home that celebrates mindful moments and encourages a lifestyle of conscious choices.


Drift looks at the world of home goods through the lenses of sustainability, empathy, and inclusivity. This means creating products that uplift the planet, the animals and our collective well-being.

PLANET : When sourcing materials, salvaged, reclaimed, and second-hand are always first choice. Making use of what already exists and limiting the amount of new materials being processed prevents usable products from ending up in landfills and oceans.

Our packaging is sourced locally whenever possible, and is made from recycled materials, which also includes repurposing shipping supplies. We avoid using plastic wrapping and have adopted using natural string, paper, and paper tape.

ANIMALS : Drift is dedicated to creating a more compassionate and cruelty-free future. As most of our pieces are derived from second-hand sources, it's not always possible to know the contents, however, our policy is to avoid buying animal-derived materials at all costs.

When buying new materials such as glues, paints, fabrics, etc., a lot of attention is placed on research to ensure they are vegan. If the material contents are not noted in the description of the item, then they are not confidently known.  

PEOPLE As a female owned and operated small business, we know the value of community support. This propels us to intentionally put Drift dollars back into the hands of other local small businesses. By supporting each other, together we're reducing our environmental impact, stimulating the local economy, encouraging uniqueness within our neighbourhood, and ultimately creating a thriving community.

It is equally important for Drift to provide an inclusive environment, both online and in person; one that provides a safe space where everyone feels welcome. Raising the voices of the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour), LGBTQ2s+, and other marginalized groups is integral to building safe and successful communities. Our future is dependent on all of us connecting, sharing knowledge, and making choices that intentionally support one another. 


As a white, cis, female-owned business, we are constantly evolving our understanding of these important issues and aim to be as inclusive and aware as possible. Your voice is valued here and we welcome any insights, concerns, and comments you may have that can help us further our education. Please feel free to reach out here